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Before The Border

A highly driven law student eludes her entitled rival as she retraces the path of the underground railroad.

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Real Ghosts

An American paranormal anthology miniseries that features re-enactments of ghost stories told by real people w...

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Comrade Drakulich

1970s Hungary. Maria and Laci, a spy couple, have to accompany – and keep an eye on – Comrade Fabian, hero of ...

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Room 205

A young college student thinks that something sinister is going on in her new dorm room.

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When students begin going missing at a boarding school, student Emma goes searching for the truth. Numbers mar...

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A mother is driven to the edge by her seemingly possessed daughter in this chilling horror story.

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The Cormorants

During a carefree summer, two 12-year old boys face the transition from childhood to adolescence, as they look...

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13 Secrets

Pia has a sixth sense which enables her to see the supernatural. She joins a paranormal TV show to know more a...

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Pagan Warrior

After a savage gang of Vikings invade a Saxon Castle, murdering all in sight, one surviving man calls upon Kra...

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The Witching

With Halloween only hours away, the members of a popular podcast, The Witching Hour, gather to swap scary stor...

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The Reflecting Skin

In the 1950's, a young boy living with his troublesome family in rural America fantasizes that a neighboring w...

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After a devastating biological disaster kills twelve million people, a hazmat team searches the contaminated w...