Submission Policy

Cineverse does not accept unsolicited submissions, including, without limitation, proposals, pitches, concepts, ideas, formats, scripts, literary or dramatic works or other content or material (collectively, “Unsolicited Submissions”). As a matter of policy, Cineverse employees and contractors are not permitted to review or consider Unsolicited Submissions. Accordingly, please do not provide any Unsolicited Submissions or send any correspondence relating to Unsolicited Submissions to Cineverse or any of its employees or contractors. This policy is in place to avoid any potential misunderstanding in the event Cineverse develops a project that may seem similar to an Unsolicited Submission. Please note that if you choose to disregard this policy and send an Unsolicited Submission, you agree that such Unsolicited Submission will automatically become Cineverse’s property and that Cineverse is under no obligation to refrain from using the Unsolicited Submission, to keep it confidential, or to compensate you for Cineverse’s use of it.